The Session fee include Rocfort's time and Talent, during and after your session, as well as the editing and processing your final collection of images.

50% of All Session Fee are due at the booking date to ensure your session date, the balance at the Session Time.


Buying your Photo Package with Rocfort Photo and Gown is your best option. We provide everything you need so you can enjoy this time in your Daughter's or son's  photos, you do not have to be stressed, it's a unique event in the life of our quinceaneras.

Court Dresses and Quinceanera prom or dresses are available.


Quinceanera Packages


Package #1-----$950.00

Big Portrait  20x24

Album style Coffee Table size 10x10 with 40 Photos
Select Digital Images in a DVD  
1 Photo Location

Package 2---$1,250.00

Big Portrait  20x24

Album Coffee Table Style size 10x10 with 57 Photos

Quinceanera dress and Prom ,shoes and accessories available
Select Digital Images in a DVD  
2 Location (1  Photo Location and only Beach as a second option)



Package # 3---$750.00

Big Portrait 16x20

Album Style Coffe Table Size  8x10  with 15 Photos-Most Quinceanera dresses including in Price.

2 Dresses ( 2 outfit changes), shoes and accesories available

Studio only ( Click here to  See quinceanera Photos Studio Samples)

For more available packages Please, come and visit our Studio for a Pre Photo Consultation.

Photo Locations Prices :(Admission fees are not included in the package's price list.)

  • Vizcaya $160.50 ( Do not need Appointment)(Tuesday and Official USA Holidays Closed)

  • Secret Garden $250 x 3 Hrs-Additional Price for Prop  rentals as Canoa, animals, swing, etc)

  • Adicional Services : Decorated Canoes, Exotic Animals, Antique Cars- 

  • Little River Studios $350 x 2 Hrs ($100 each additional hour)-Additional rentals include: Antique Cars -(305) 632 1581)

  • Spanish Monastery $200 x 3 Hrs -(305-945-1461)

  • The Cruz Building $422.64 x 2 Hrs ($100 each additional hour)

  • The Biltmore Hotel $475 x 2 Hrs

  • Train Museum $75 x 1 Hr ($100 per hour after 4 PM and Weekends)  (305) 253-0063)


Rocfort is not repsonsable if a vendor changes the price at the time you go to book your appointment. Vendors operate their businesses individually


Props you can Rent to use in your Photos.

Every Prop is rented for independent owner that is not a Rocfort Photo Studio employee.


  • Flower Canoe

  •  Flower Swing

  • Dream Catchers

  • Mermaid Tail & Props

  • Flower Bicycle

  • Flexible Classic Car Rental since $220.00 at the beach


New Born sessions :

 The exact session date and time will be determinated once the baby is born. It is important to notify us as soon as the baby is born.

50% of All Session Fee are due at the booking date to ensure your session date, the balance at the Session Time. 

How to prepare your newborn:

We want your baby to sleep throughout the entirety of the session.  Do not give a full feeding for three hours before your shoot. Small, spot feedings to hold them over is okay if you absolutely have to. . Also, do your best to keep your newborn awake for an hour before the session. 

Children Photo Session:

Let us Know what do you want we work with you . We have more that 20 different setup waiting for you.


Prices start in $220.00 , Please call us for details

Family Photo Session:

Choose clothing carefully.  I recommend a coordinated look while avoiding looking “matchy matchy.” Think similar, coordinating colors but with the same pop of color here and there. If you would like me to take a look at your outfit choices before the session, you’re welcomed to send me some photos!

Maternity Photos: Packages begin in $220.00, Location Fee $150.00, Please call us for details

                                     Dresses including in Packages.

When should I get my photos done? Choosing the right timeframe for your maternity photos is very important. We want you to look very pregnant with a nice, round belly, but we don’t want you to be so pregnant that you are starting to feel uncomfortable.(7 Months is a good time)

If you are planning on wearing some of my dresses or if you are interested in a few boudoir style photos during your session, bring a pair of black, white, & nude underwear and matching bras if you have them.

Do not miss Big heel shoes are for the mom to be and shoes for the dad.